Generate Your Own Energy From The Sun


How does the solar energy generate your own alternating electricity?  How does the off grid solar system work?  Now let's introduce the industry knowledge to you. 

A solar panel consist of a thin silicon film containing photovoltaic(PV) solar cells. These cells convert sunlight directly into electricity without the need for warter or steam turbines. 

The sunlight absorbed by the solar panel causes eletrons in the silicon used to move around.  When the electrons move, they flow through wires in the solar panels and generate electricity.

The solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity that flows through an inverter which then converts it to alternating current(AC) electricity which is used in your home. Conversion is commonly done in one of two ways. The first is by using a centralized, high-capacity inverter while the second is via installing lower- capacity " string" inverters that attached as separate units to rows of solar arrays (solar panels connected together.)

Solar System

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